Cabin Rates

Our cabin base rate is indicated with the weekly or nightly rate for each cabin or suite. These prices do not include Minnesota state sales tax (10.375%). Our cabins are generally rented on a weekly basis (Saturday to Saturday) between Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend.

Individual Reservations/Deposits

A major credit card is required to hold/guarantee a reservation. Deposits may be made by check, Visa, or MasterCard. To secure your weekly reservation we require a $100.00 deposit for a 7 night reservation. The balance will be due at check-in. A "tab" can be established for all charges incurred during your stay and will be collected by the close of business the day before your scheduled departure.


Because of our small size, cancellations have a significant affect.

  • If you should need to cancel your 7 night reservation, deposits will be refunded the full $100 IF we receive at least 90 days notification of your cancellation.


We GUARANTEE that your cabin will be ready on time! Our standard check-in time is 2:30pm for our cabins.


Our standard cabin check-out time is 9:30am. Guest accounts should be settled by 8:30pm the night before check-out.

Quiet Time

Our guests appreciate the peace and quiet they experience during their stay with us.

  • Please be considerate towards your vacation neighbors and do not play the radio or stereo at a volume that can be heard by your neighbors.
  • Please observe our 10:30pm "lights out" in the playground.
  • When enjoying an evening bonfire, please remember that others may be trying to sleep and that sound carries.

Fish Cleaning

Guests are required to clean their fish in our fish cleaning facilities in order to properly dispose of the waste. Fish cleaning is NOT allowed at your dock, cabin, tailgate, etc.! An additional cleaning charge and/or disposal charge will be assessed to your account if you dispose of your fish waste in our garbage cans. At the end of your stay, unused bait CAN NOT be dumped in the lake-in the woods-or in your garbage TAKE YOUR BAIT to the fish cleaning facility and dispose of it there.


We appreciate that pets are a part of the family and we welcome your well-mannered, controlled and people/pet friendly pet! We only ask that you clean up after them responsibly.


All of our cabins and suites are smoke free units. We strive to provide our guests with a clean and odor free cabin. Guests who ignore this policy will be charged the maximum fee allowed under Minnesota Statute 327.742. We have placed ash cans at each of our accommodations, guests who smoke must dispose of their cigarettes in these cans. A $25 grounds cleaning fee will be charged to your account if this policy is ignored.

Fishing Boat Operation

Our fishing boats must be operated in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources guidelines as outlined in the Minnesota Boating Guide. Our boats do not have lights and can only be on the water during daylight hours. It is illegal and extremely unsafe to be out on the lake without regulation boat lights.

Youth operators (ages 12-17)

MUST present their Watercraft Operator's Permit. This applies to both resident and nonresident operators.

There will be no exceptions to this policy. Improper boat operation will result in the loss of your rental boat. Guests will be responsible for the costs of their entire rental period.

14' Boat/Motors Rentals

Your boat/motor rental begins with an equipment check-out during which we review a lake map, review navigating our channel, inspect your rental equipment and finally starting and operating your motor. Included with your rental:

  • full tank of gas
  • boat/seat cushion
  • life jackets for each member of your rental party
  • oars
  • dock ties
  • sponge
  • anchor

The sponge can be used to maintain your boat during your rental and/or to "bail" water after a light rain. In the event of measurable rain we will pump your boat ONLY if the boat is free of dirt, tackle, fishing line and other debris as it will plug up our pump.

Guests are expected to operate and maintain our equipment responsibly during their rental period to include:

  • securing your rental boat properly to the docks-both ends!
  • not dumping bait out in the bottom of the boat-it plugs the drains
  • not leaving unwanted tackle in the boat
  • not cleaning fish in your boat
  • washing the anchor off BEFORE you pull it into the boat
  • removing trash from the boat DAILY

If your rental boat is turned in and the items above have not been done, the maintenance clause of your Boat Rental Agreement will be enforced with a minimum $45 waste handling and boat cleaning fee.

All boat rentals END by 8:00pm on the evening of your last night with us. When finished with your boat rental return your boat and resort gear to the main marina and stop by the lodge on the way back to your cabin to request that we check-in the boat.

Equipment Damages

Guests are responsible for any damage done to rental equipment. In the event of an accident, an estimate will be obtained and payment collected prior to your departure. A final payment/credit will be processed upon completion of the repair work for all charges/expenses incurred. This is part of our equipment check-out process.

Boat Only Rentals

Guests may mount their own SHORT SHAFT motor on our 14' fishing boats. The rules above also apply to a boat only rental.

Guest Boat Docking

Guests are invited to bring their own boats. We appreciate knowing in advance in order to coordinate dock space and accommodate everyone's boats.

  • bring dock ties to secure your boat to our dock